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200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, in Ottawa


Designed to take you deep into the heart of yoga as a holistic system that encompasses mind, body and spirit, based on the eight limbs of Yoga.

Your growth will be supported by in-depth studies of:

  • yoga philosophy,

  • meditation from modern and traditional perspectives

  • functional anatomy of the body

  • breakdown of yoga asana (postures) and innovating them for more specific benefits

  • teaching yoga postures to different levels of ability

  • energetics of creative class sequencing,

  • safe hands-on adjustments

  • ethics and lifestyle

  • the business of teaching yoga

Our aim is to help you to take your own practice to a much deeper level, so you can confidently transmit your own understanding, from a place of embodied experience.

This program is unique because it includes a serious exploration of your own practice, while learning how to adapt yoga to the needs of individuals through creative and intelligent sequencing that transcends the limitations of devoting oneself to a single system, and embraces a universal perspective on movement, relaxation and self-acceptance.