Yoga in Studios

I teach a variety of yoga styles, from gentle hatha and relaxation, to strong, flowing, breath-focused dynamic power and ashtanga yoga. Precise alignment instruction is woven through all classes, so students of all ability levels can work toward postural mastery. My classes prioritize relaxation, breathing, and being gentle with ourselves. Learn more about my teaching style.

6:30am Pure Flow (60 min) @ Pure Yoga Centretown
9:30am Power Yoga (75 min) @ Pure Yoga Centretown
5:00pm Ashtanga Flow (75 min) @ Astanga Yoga Ottawa

4:30pm Power, Inversions & Arm Balaces (60 min) @ SoulSpeak
6pm Slow it Down (60 min) SoulSpeak

7:30pm Power (75 min) @ Pure Yoga Centretown
9:00pm Gentle Flow (60 min) @ Pure Yoga Centretown

12pm Ashtanga Mysore-Style (60 min) @ Astanga Yoga Ottawa


Private Classes


Learn yoga in a way that works for your body. Develop a thriving, sustainable practice with expert guidance in safety, brush-up on the foundations and modern insights into technique.  I work with students of all ages, from beginners in their golden years to youths in highschools.