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Foundations of Yoga

A beginner friendly introduction to the key postures, sequences, and breathing techniques of hatha yoga. Learn about different meanings of yoga and how you can apply them to your everyday life experiences. Experience the benefits of postures, how to stay safe in your practice, and gradually progress to more challenging postures.

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200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
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200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Designed to take you deep into the heart of yoga as a holistic system that encompasses mind, body and spirit, based on the eight limbs of Yoga. Your growth will be supported by in-depth studies of yoga philosophy, meditation, the anatomy of the body, teaching yoga postures to different levels of ability, the energetics of yoga and class sequencing, safe hands-on adjustments, ethics, pranayama and lifestyle.

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Breath Control and Core in Asana and Pranayama
2:00 PM14:00

Breath Control and Core in Asana and Pranayama

Breath Control: Anatomy & Practice January 13th with Michael Dynie

Breath Control: Anatomy & Practice
January 13th with Michael Dynie

The breath is a way of synchronizing mind and body to bring about relaxing meditative states. Exploring this connection in greater depth can also give us energy and strength to move through our mat practice (and everyday life) with grace and ease.

In this experiential workshop, you'll be guided through:

  • Vinyasa (movement) practice that emphasizes utilizing the bandhas and breath retention for specific mechanical advantages.

  • Seated breathing exercises (pranayama) to enhance awareness, focus the mind, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system 

  • Detailed overview of the anatomy of the core and the mechanics of breathing. 

  • Three types of Mulah Bandha, various forms of Uddiyana Bandha and Jalandhara Bandha

  • Why some instructions can be confusing or even problematic.

  • Stoking the Digestive Fire: the abdominal vacuum (Uddiyana Kriya) and the abdominal roll (Nauli Kriya)

  • Valuable Perspectives from modern Physiotherapists and the 14th century text, Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Workshop Fee: $50

Register through MindBody Online

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