Private Class at my Studio

90 MINUTES $120 • 3 Classes at $100 each

Receive guidance on how to practice yoga in a way that works for your body, lifestyle and aspirations.  Develop a thriving sustainable practice, learn the art of stretching, proper posture (asana), core strength (bandha), breathing (pranayama) and meditation.


Yoga at your Home

Starts at 60 MINUTES $120 • 
90 MINUTES $140

Getting out to a studio class is time consuming, and lack of time is one of the main reasons so many of us struggle to get grounded in self-care routines. Yoga in your living room, your backyard, or at your cottage cuts out the travel time. Within three classes, I can design a personalized routine for you to practice at your own convenience.
* Additional travel fees may apply for longer commutes.


Small Groups (2 or more)

90 MINUTES $130 • Each additional Participant  $10

Includes a private 10-min consultation with you and each person who will be participating in the class.  Planning out a yoga class that addresses everyone's needs efficiently helps ensure that all of you will feel amazing during your class, and leave inspired to do it all again.


Corporate Yoga

60 MINUTES $130 • Cost divided amount participants

Cultivate mental focus, reduce stress and improve your posture over lunch-hour.  Classes can be playful, challenging, and completely transform the rest of your work day.



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