Writing from the comfort of home, surrounded by warm coffee, blankets and Marilyn Monroe in her current incarnation as a cuddly pug, I'm reminded how important it is to slow down - relax - and recharge the battery.  Or as the zen proverb goes, "empty your cup or it will overflow."

Spring is nearly upon us, the sun rises a little earlier, and I see a renewed energy and focus in my own practice and that of my students. This is a great time to dive deep into the many branches of yoga with fresh eyes, an open heart, and a natural curiosity.

As we've all heard many times, asana (posture) is only one of the 8-branches of yoga. Muscles, bones and structural lines are fascinating on their own. In the mere decade I've been teaching, I've observed that the people who stick it out over the long-term are motivated by much more than the external forms of exercise and body-focused practice. They are juggling a more holistic approach to yoga that encompasses breath-work, some form of meditation and ahimsa (gentleness) -- which all fall under the umbrella term of mindfulness.  

I'm as guilty as the next yoga enthusiast of going into the scholar cave, geeking out over anatomy studies, modern day psychology, and traditional texts., and then struggling to integrate these into my everyday existence. What never ceases to amaze, is how breath mindfulness can serve as the bridge, the tool to embody our multifaceted yoga studies.

All this to say, I've teamed up with some incredible yoga teachers and am thrilled to announce these offerings over the coming months. I hope you'll join us in expanding your awareness of holistic yoga!

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Date: April 27-28 (Saturday and Sunday), from 9 am - 5 pm
Investment: $275 - Register Online
Location: Yoga Town, Stittsville

The scope of yoga's popularity is equaled by the general lack of knowledge regarding its history. Join Kathryn Anne Flynn and I for a well-rounded weekend suitable to practitioners and teachers alike - no prior teacher training experience is necessary. This segment does count as a module in the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program headed by Kathryn at Yoga Town. 

We’ll discuss how philosophy and breath practice dialogue to assist us in living ethically and healthfully. Our weekend will include…

  • History and philosophy of yoga relevant to modern yogi

  • Yoga practices that support our lecture time (i.e. get you moving!) and prepare us for pranayama

  • Discuss various yoga philosophy concepts and how they can inspire living more peacefully in the world

  • Anatomy of breath, seated breath practices (pranayama), breathing techniques during yoga asana, and bandhas/breath retention techniques

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